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Doggy Days


Well, the pups have come for a visit. They were pretty busy yesterday exploring and becoming familiar with their surroundings. Today they are old hands at my house and yard. They have driven all the squirrels off my property, found a great circle around the yard behind the shrubs, and even gone through the deck railing with a nice, graceful leap.

I have loved watching Marty’s ears perk up with every cardinal song. I was delighted to find that she and I both have an appreciation of great music! I also have found that Marty has heretofore undiscovered vegetarian tendencies as I have caught her munching on one of my flowers – more than once!

While Marty has been busy appreciating the finer things of life, Poncho has been concerned with more serious matters. I do not believe one stroller, walker, jogger, dog, cat, or squirrel has passed by the house without him going to the window to check them out. He is vigilant and ready to spring into action if needed! He has figured out that the best perch for his sentry duties is the landing between my 2 staircases.

The thing that has struck me most is the way the dogs go about being who they are – Poncho the guard/protector and Marty the companion. While Poncho watches from his guard perch, Marty curls up where ever I am. It is all so natural and could be no other way!

What a gift!

Poncho On Guard Duty!