Carl E. Braaten – Time & Grace

from Principles of Lutheran Theology:

By God’s grace and the means of grace we can live meaningfully in time and history. We cannot realize our potentialities on our own. When the grace of God penetrates our life, we are equipped to deal with the three dimensions of time. We become free from bondage to our past through forgiveness otherwise we are incarcerated in the guilts and fears which our past throws up to haunt us. We become fully engaged in the meaning of the present moment, living life to the hilt; otherwise we wander aimlessly through life, not knowing the whence and the whither of our movements. We are made open to the future which is rushing toward us, entering into the unknown with courage and faith in the providential hand of God; otherwise we are paralyzed into inaction, frozen by the foreboding possibilities of an incalculable tomorrow. Grace lifts us beyond bondage to the passage of time and mediates to us the power of eternal life.


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