Clothed in Christ's Humanity

    Then let the servant Church arise,
    A caring Church that longs to be
    A partner in Christ’s sacrifice,
    And clothed in Christ’s humanity.
    (LBW Hymn #433 vs. 3)

In pondering the words to the above hymn, I was struck by the phrase ‘clothed in Christ’s humanity’. What does it mean to be ‘clothed in Christ’s humanity’?

We live in a culture in which the norm is busyness. The cultural messages that we receive push and prod us to move at a dizzying pace. We have cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, and the like. We are connected at all times – just not necessarily connected to the people and things immediately around us!

Our relationship to time is complex at best and chaotic at worst. We exist within a continuous series of moments of time. Unfortunately, however, we are often racing through these moments at maximum speeds – speeds that serve as an amnesiac for the present moment. The present moment is the only time that we live within and quite often we find ourselves disconnected and unavailable in the present.

    “Time talks. It speaks more plainly than words. The message it conveys comes through loud and clear. Because it is manipulated less consciously, it is subject to less distortion than the spoken language. It can shout the truth where words lie.”

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God’s Beloved

    It was the feast of Hanukah, the Feast of Lights.
    Jesus was walking in the Temple.
    Some Jews approached him saying:
    If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.

    Jesus answered:
    I did tell you, but you do not believe.
    I did miracles, but you do not believe.
    You are not my sheep.

    My sheep hear my voice.
    I know them and they follow me
    I give them eternal life
    They will never perish
    No one will snatch them out of my hand.” (Paraphrase of John 10:22-28)

The setting for this gospel message is Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights.
Light … Illumination … Revelation.
Yet, at this Feast of Lights, we see a group of questioners who are still in the metaphorical darkness questioning Jesus, but, ironically as Jesus points out, maintaining their self-imposed darkness.

A darkness imposed by asking, while not really wanting to hear.
A darkness imposed by seeking, while not looking to find.
A darkness imposed by knocking, while leaning against the door to prevent its opening.
A darkness imposed by allowing the shouting voices of the world to drown out the voice of the Shepherd. [Read more…]