In the Garden!

    Inside me, my soul was drenched.
    Around me, even the desert grew green.
    —Kabir, Perfume of the Desert:
    Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom

I have spent most of my spare time in the last two weeks in the garden – clearing out and planting this year’s flowers. I am blessed to have an incredible canvas to work with in my backyard. In fact, the house sold itself when I walked into the back yard and saw beyond what already was to what would be!

    A two-tiered deck
    … lots of green ground cover
    … Trees, trees, trees
    … a little pond with a pump to create a small waterfall
    … a rose garden

Yes, the house certainly sold itself. The trees, decks, and pond provided a nice space to start with. The roses were beautiful, but there were no other flowers! Obviously, a space just waiting for my touch. A beautiful sea of green waiting to serve as the backdrop for flowers.

So, last year I planted on a small scale – watched the cycles of the sun and worked to learn the particulars of my space. This year I am more familiar with the space and am planting on a grander scale.

A feast for the senses.

What a space my garden is!

I walk out and immediately – my breathing slows. From my depths, an involuntary sigh arises releasing my tension.

    Calming me.

    Cleansing me.

    Grounding me.

    Refreshing my spirit.

My shoulders relax and my burdens fall to the ground.

Time stops. I am re-connected fully with the present moment and present place.


Oh most holy Father, I thank you most heartily for the gift of my garden and your abiding presence therein.

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