Psalms – More!

Bourgeault: “We are dealing with a group of poems that have been made hallowed by usage! Made holy b/c so many people, in our tradition, have used them, loved them and processed their own spiritual growth with them. As we walk on this path, we are walking on a well tread path.”

Bellinger: “At the center of the Bible and the center of our spiritual lives.”

Luther: “If you want to see the holy Christian Church painted in glowing colors and in a form which is really alive, and if you want this to be done in a miniature, you must get hold of the Psalter, and there you will have in your possession a fine, clear, pure mirror which will show you what Christianity really is.”

Athanasius: “It is my view that in the words of this book encompass the whole human life, its basic spiritual conduct and as well its occasional movements and thoughts, is comprehended and contained. Nothing to be found in Human life is omitted.”

Luther: “[The Psalter] might well be called a little Bible. In it is comprehended most beautifully and briefly everything that is in the entire Bible.”

Bonhoeffer: “The Psalter occupies a unique place in the Holy Scriptures. It is God’s Word and, with a few exceptions, the prayer of men as well.”

Brueggemann: “In the last analysis, the Psalms have what power they have for us because we know life to be like that. In a society that engages in great denial and grows numb by avoidance and denial, it is important to recover and use these Psalms that speak the truth about us.”

Bellinger: “The psalm is a verbal icon.”

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