Sabbath Keeping 2

We live in a time where we are pushed to move outside of our natural God given rhythms. If we look to the natural world there is a rhythm, pace at which things naturally occur. Daffodils and tulips are the early flowers of spring. They are blooming every year just as my grass is starting to awaken from its dormant winter state and produce the first green blades of the season. There is an order that permeates the natural world. Events occur in sync with the created rhythm of the world around them.

We humans have the ability to override our natural created rhythms – to our detriment! Our technology and our pride provide the tools and the motivation for this dissynchronization of our lives. Our technology enables us to believe that we can conquer time and subdue it to our will. Our pride leads us to accept and even take great pleasure in our efforts to conquer time.

Living outside of our natural, God created rhythms for any length of time, blunts our awareness and connection to our own physical and mental selves. It blunts our awareness of those around us and their needs and concerns. It blunts our awareness of God and our ability to experience God’s presence.

But “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord”, there is hope for us! The practice of Sabbath Keeping restores our natural balance. It enables us to resynchronize ourselves body, mind and spirit with our natural created rhythms. This resynchronization of our self, body, mind, and spirit, opens us once again to experiencing the wonder of the world around us and the glorious presence of God whereever and whenever we are!

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