Space-Time as a Spiritual Practice

I am a part of a small group through my church. Every week we are focusing on a new spiritual practice. This week we get two practices – silence and awareness of creation! Both of these practices help to open us to experiencing the goodness of God. They also involve becoming aware of both place (space) and time. The scientist in me is delighted to find space-time as a part of the learning for this week!

Silence involves slowing down and becoming quiet – learning to be present in the present moment. Not an easy endeavor, but one that helps finite beings reconnect with the infinity that is God.

Awareness of creation opens our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. Our sight becomes dulled because we take for granted that which used to amaze the child in us. We look but we don’t see. We listen but we don’t hear. We have lost our connection to place.

Plant yourself in space this week and then open your eyes and ears to the wonders of God’s marvelous creation. Macrina Weiderkehr says, “When I pause, blessings appear.” May it be so for you this week! Amen.