Time and Space

    “Technical civilization is man’s conquest of space. It is a triumph frequently achieved by sacrificing an essential ingredient of existence, namely, time.” –The Sabbath, Abraham Joshua Heschel
    Large numbers of people today feel they are leading what could be called disynchronous lives; that is, they feel that the various parts of their lives are not moving in time with each other. People find themselves torn between the fast-paced rhythm of their outer world and those other, slower rhythms that seem very much a part of human nature but that no one seems to be able to help us connect with. Is it possible to synchronize all the wild and varied rhythms of our being and to achieve once more a state of once more a state of harmony, calm, and peace that seems lacking in our modern world? – Sacred Time and the Search for Meaning, Gary Eberle

Time and space are inextricably linked especially when it comes to our physical and mental worlds. For example, when we travel too far too fast – we experience jet lag. Jet lag is caused by the changing one physical location to the next so quickly that our body rhythms are thrown out of sync with those physical rhythms of the new location.

This same type of condition occurs without travel when our daily lives get completely out of sync with the natural rhythms of the world around us and the Divine rhythm that we were created to live within. We experience “time” lag. Our natural physical, mental, and spiritual rhythms are out of sync with their natural norms. We become disassociated with both our location and our time. Our culture pushes us in this direction.

How can we work to reconnect and stay connected to natural rhythms of both the time and space of our surroundings?

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