Archives for August 2009


“The mystics are gathering in the street. Come out!”

“Leave me alone; I’m sick.”

“I don’t care if you’re dead! Jesus is here, and he wants to resurrect somebody!”

    ~ Rumi


We have all been uniquely gifted. These gifts are not to be hoarded, but meant to be shared. The Holy Spirit is the master conductor and directs the sharing! The one with the need is brought into contact with the one with the gift – and thus the sharing can commence. I pray that I walk through my days with open hands – ready to both give and receive – a holy conduit.

Loving God, may I truly be a conduit for you in the world. Amen.


The wisdom from heaven waits to drop on us like rain in spring. When we want our souls to be drenched in that wisdom, we need only be quiet and observant to each moment that is before us. Those who practice awareness in the moment find that giving a word in season and even hearing a word in season is natural and effortless. Wrestling with the past or fantasizing about the future stops our powers of observation, and the words from heaven often go unnoticed.

So, stop right now. Be still. Let the drops from heaven fall gently on you.         ~ Renee Miller