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Raising Nana! (I Hijack Nana’s Blog!)


When: A Saturday sometime in March
Where: My House

Synopsis: Dad fishing, Mom racing, Me stuck at home watching Nana

Who is Nana? I am still collecting data on Nana. She shows up often. She likes to play. She has a kindly disposition, likes yellow, walking and singing. She makes funny noises and funny faces. Nana speaks at about the level of a 4 to 5 month old (I am working to teach her new sounds and maybe someday words! She is a bit like a parrot seemingly endlessly entertained by mimicking my every utterance.) My Nana Loves ME! However, Nana is not known to follow instructions exactly – if it at all! (The report speaks for itself!) Did I mention that she likes YELLOW?!

My Report:
Sweet, beautiful Mommy patiently gave Nana the instructions for my care on the aforementioned Saturday morning. Nana came in her walking shoes and Mommy agreed that it would be ‘lovely’ for Nana and I to enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood. I am a very experienced stroller and was prepared to ‘help’ Nana out to insure an enjoyable time for us. Mommy showed Nana the green blanket – which is my strolling blanket and my OU cap which is (of course) my preferred strolling cap. Mommy gave very simple, straightforward instructions and left for her race.

Strolling with Nana

Exhibit 1: The Photo
How many things are wrong with this picture? If you said FOUR, you are correct! FOUR! Pretty unbelievable for someone who ‘allegedly’ claims to be a ‘grown-up’ and someone whom the state of Texas has seen fit to give a license to operator a motorized vehicle – a motorized vehicle people! What are they thinking? As this case will show, she can barely operate a stroller.

Item 1: I took a nice nap and upon awaking Nana changed my diaper and elected to leave me in my yellow pajamas because they looked so CUTE on me. (Did I mention that Nana likes YELLOW!) 10 AM, PAJAMAS! This is definitely NOT how Mommy would do it. I have a closet full of appropriate outdoor attire. Pajama’s Nana?? Really??

Item 2: Look at the photo – do you see my green strolling blanket? No. Pink monkey blanket. To Nana’s credit she did look all over the place for the green blanket (everywhere except the basket under the stroller). Yes, she even strolled me around the house – AROUND the house looking for aforementioned green blanket. Open your eyes woman – it is on board the stroller itself! Of course, I would have spoken up and helped her out a bit, but she was merrily carrying on some conversation in that cooing, baby talk language that she uses to communicate with the world. I hated to interrupt and decided it best to just let her ramble on assuming she would come to her senses and LOOK IN THE BASKET UNDER THE STROLLER at any moment. Obviously, an erroneous assumption on my part.

Item 3: The hat – pink? My OU cap is my walking cap. (I will not say any more on the OU hat as Mommy doesn’t seem quite as fond of it as Daddy does.) I would, however, like to point out one important oversight with regard to the hat – EARS! Ears should be in the hat not out! Mommy and Daddy always have my ears IN the hat.

Item 4: I grabbed the burb cloth, just to test her out. I am sure – by now – that no one is surprised that Nana allowed me to carry it along for the entire stroll. Mommy didn’t mention – ‘no burb cloth in hand for the walk’ – but she shouldn’t have to, should she??

Last but certainly not least what was she thinking? Nana actually took the photographic evidence and posted it to FB — FB for all the world (or at least her friends) to see. She did tag Mommy, so all of Mommy’s friends saw this fiasco shortly after it occurred! Of course, Daddy is too cool for FB and was thankfully spared being tagged and tied to this incident.

Since Nana is forever snapping pictures with that iPhone 4s of hers, maybe a video reminder of strolling procedures for her iPhone that she can review prior to strolling me around is in order!

I will be surprised if Mommy and Daddy leave me alone to watch Nana again! She is too much for one precious baby to be expected to keep up with!

End Report.

(P.S. Daddy says I am to young have my own blog; I hope he doesn’t mind me using Nana’s until then!)