My Orchid Redemption

While waiting for my prescriptions today, I wondered over to the flower section at Market Street and found a perfectly lovely orchid calling my name. I immediately put said orchid in my cart, and, since I had plenty of time, set out to find the store’s Plant Lady in order to obtain care instructions. You see this was not my first orchid, and my previous orchid is, alas, no longer of this world. As anyone who has experienced it can attest – orchid loss is never easy, particularly when it is one’s first! That said, as you can imagine, I have been hesitant to take up with another orchid. The memory of its loss coupled with my nagging guilt that somehow the demise of this delicate orchid was my fault (or most likely directly the fault of my green watering can which most likely, ironically, delivered the fatal ‘life-giving’ H2O). ((I can barely write about it!)). Yes, I must confess that based on today’s conversation with the all-knowing Plant Lady, I am afraid that I drowned my poor dear orchid!!! (((How many ‘Hail Mary’s’ must one say for the unknowing drowning of one’s orchid?! My intentions were good, but … oh my!!!)))

At this point in the conversation, I started to hand the orchid back to Plant Lady and thus, spare this new orchid a tragic end. While still imparting orchid wisdom, the Plant Lady took the proffered unknowing orchid from my hands. However, much to my surprise, the Plant Lady misinterpreted my relinquishing gesture, placed the orchid in a box and began placing paper around it to protect it for transport. Yes, the Plant Lady – bless her heart – still believed in my orchid ability – even knowing full well my abysmal orchid track record! Amazing! Today I met the Plant Lady of second chances!!

I am hopeful that this new orchid (I think I will name it Orchid 2) will survive my care!! I am truly, truly committed to being less zealous in my watering!